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Yoga Retreat Centre In Hertfordshire

TOBY Gillingham, Mana & Wak Founder

greetings seeker

Yoga Is My Teacher

as it shall be yours

​If you hear the call, as I did, then perhaps your path lies through...

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Mana And Wak 005.png

Hertfordshire Retreat Centre

Mana & Wak is located in an open natural space in Borehamwood, just 30mins from Central London, and stands as a beacon for those on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

We host our own retreats, and also welcome Partners to collaborate with us and host retreats in our space.

Our yoga retreat centre champions a holistic approach that challenges participants physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Emphasising the power of community, sound guidance, and the transformative effect of sweat, Mana & Wak invites both individuals and studios to transcend limits in a sacred space dedicated to true transformation. 

Our Yoga Retreats

& We Host Regular Retreats Through The Year

& Full-Day & Weekend-Long Immersion
& Physical and Spiritual Work

We host our own regular yoga + movement retreats at our grounds, immerse yourself in an odyssey that transcends the ordinary. Your day will be segmented into intense vinyasa sessions, rhythmic drumming, deeply meditative sound baths and more.

Our Retreat Calendar

  • The Ritual Circus
    The Ritual Circus
    Sun, 05 May
    05 May 2024, 12:30 – 17:00
    05 May 2024, 12:30 – 17:00
  • IO : A Summer Solstice w/ David Shillinglaw
    IO : A Summer Solstice w/ David Shillinglaw
    Sat, 22 Jun
    22 Jun 2024, 07:00 – 24 Jun 2024, 22:00
    22 Jun 2024, 07:00 – 24 Jun 2024, 22:00

Host Your Next Retreat at Mana & Wak

Mana & Wak invites yoga studios and wellness groups to hold retreats at our transformative space in Borehamwood, designed for deep spiritual and physical exploration. 


Our exclusive Retreat Partnership model is designed for yoga studios and group leaders seeking a retreat space with overnight facilities and expert guidance.

Yoga Community Practice

You are invited to join Toby and take part in Mana & Wak's vinyasa yoga + movement workshops. We practice physical and spiritual work that goes beyond the ordinary, helping you forge a deeper connection within.

Every Thursday:

Weekly Advanced Vinyasa Workshop/Posture Clinic

Every Sunday:

Weekly Beginner Community Practice

Mana And Wak 005.png

Hire Us For Your Next Event

Transform your next event with The Ritual Circus, a unique blend of movement, vinyasa, chanting, and more, designed to transport participants to a state of profound consciousness.

This immersive experience is not confined to one place; it can illuminate any space, indoors or outdoors, creating a sacred site for transformation. 

From the gentle beginnings to the powerful silence of reflection, each chapter of The Ritual Circus invites a journey through introspection, discovery, and transcendence. Invite us to bring this extraordinary experience to your space, and witness the transformation unfold.

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