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Intense, Authentic Vinyasa Yoga In Hertfordshire

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greetings seeker

Yoga Is My Teacher

as it shall be yours

​If you hear the call, as I did, then perhaps your path lies through...

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We offer a space where determination, intensity, and inner strength are forged in sweat and effort


At Mana & Wak, we honour the ancient traditions, bringing them to life through vigorous physical practice and communal experience.

"Transcendence through effort" lies at the core of our teachings.


We believe in the strength of community, the guidance of sound, and the purifying power of sweat as pathways to greater self-awareness and harmony.

01 Yoga Classes

& 1-2hrs High-Intensity Yoga

& Beathwork and Drumming Workshops


Embark on a journey where intense vinyasa flows are seamlessly intertwined with soul-stirring soundscapes.


In a space where sweat and spirituality coalesce, we will help you find the deeper connection you've been yearning for.


& Full-Day Immersion
& Physical and Spiritual Work

Immerse yourself in an all-day odyssey that transcends the ordinary. Your day will be segmented into intense vinyasa sessions, rhythmic drumming, and deeply meditative sound baths.

02 Yoga Day Retreats

Our Next Day Retreat

Winter Solstice Day Retreat - 22nd Dec
Winter Solstice Day Retreat - 22nd Dec
22 Dec, 09:50

03 Yoga Weekend Retreats

& 3-5 Day Experience

& Community Living
& Advanced Practices

Step into a transformative weekend that extends the boundaries of traditional yoga retreats.

Over the course of three to five days, not only will you sweat, move, and challenge your physical limits, but you'll also laugh, cry, and form lasting bonds within a like-minded community.


From intense vinyasa sessions to soul-nourishing communal meals, you'll delve into a comprehensive experience that caters to both your body and soul. It's not just a retreat; it's a metamorphosis.

The Sacred Grounds

Our space in Hertfordshire.


Our beautiful Hertfordshire retreat is set in nature, where you can engage with the earth, test your limits in our yurt, and find calm in the wilds.

sweat meets soil

Our surrounding woodlands are your arena for solitude—yes—but also for shadowboxing with your inner demons.

And when the sky dims and the stars emerge, you'll retire to bespoke our sleeping pods, designed not just for rest but for deep, earned recuperation.


Here, every element is designed to challenge you, to transform you. Visit us soon.

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