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Hire Us To Host at your studio/venue/centre

the ritual circus

in seven chapters

Let Mana & Wan bring a transformative experience to your venue - where movement, vinyasa, chanting, singing, drumming, trance, and sound bath converge into a single, powerful ritual circus.

This ritual is not bound by location. Whether in your space, ours, or amidst nature under the moonlit sky, any place can become a sacred site for this extraordinary experience.


Embrace this opportunity to change your perception of reality and discover new forms of consciousness through our ritual.

Discover the essence of each Chapter below:

Whisper of Beginnings


This initial chapter is a gentle ushering into the spiritual realm.


Participants engage in seated meditation and soft chanting, grounding themselves and opening their souls to the journey ahead.


This phase sets the tone for introspection and connection to the ancient energies surrounding them.

Resonance of the Self


A time for self-discovery and awakening, this chapter allows participants to connect with their inner voice.


Through exploring the resonant cavities within the body, sound is used as a transcendental tool, moving beyond the thinking mind and emanating from a primal, untouched place within.




A moment of quiet reflection and absorption. Here, the group takes a short break, partaking in tea, yet maintaining a collective silence.


This silence is not just a pause but a powerful retention of the energy and vibrations stirred up in the previous sessions.


Flow of Transcendence

The physical manifestation of the spiritual journey begins here.


Starting with vinyasa, this chapter transitions into freeform movements, symbolizing the release of the spirit through the body.


It's a dance of liberation, where participants are encouraged to let go and allow their movements to be spontaneous and fluid.

Rhythm of the Ancients


A visceral connection to the rhythms of ancient traditions.


This part of the ritual involves trance-inducing drumming, leading participants into a state of deep spiritual trance.


It’s a time to connect with the heartbeat of the earth and the primal rhythm that echoes through time.

Echoes of Serenity


After the exertions of dance and movement, participants lay down, enveloped in their own energy and effort.


Here, they are bathed in sound, a soothing journey that washes over them, cleansing and rejuvenating their spirit.


It's a harmonious conclusion to the physical aspects of the ritual.

Silence of Reflection


The ritual culminates in a seated silent meditation.


This closing chapter is a time for internalising the entire experience, reflecting on the journey, and carrying the newly found wisdom forward.


It's a silent affirmation of the transformation that has occurred, a quiet yet profound acknowledgment of the journey's impact.

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