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Yoga Retreat host In Hertfordshire

Let Us Host Your Next Retreat

Welcome to Mana & Wak, where the boundaries of traditional retreats are transcended, offering a sanctuary nestled in the natural beauty of woodlands and meadows.


Unlike conventional venues, Mana & Wak invites you to partner with us to create and curate your unique retreat that becomes a journey towards self-discovery, wellness, and connection.


Our dedication is to co-create with you, ensuring your retreat not only meets but exceeds the expectations of every participant.

Retreat Partnership Advantages

By partnering with us to host your next retreat, you gain access to our facilities and Toby Gillingham's expertise, without fixed costs. Here’s how it works:

  • Revenue Sharing: We share in the success of your retreat through a revenue-sharing model. Instead of upfront costs, we agree on a percentage of ticket sales, making it financially accessible for you to offer a high-value experience.

  • Customisation: Whether you envision a day of intense yoga, a weekend of holistic practices, or a week-long immersion, we tailor our involvement to fit your needs.

This arrangement allows for flexibility and accessibility, making it an attractive option for Partners aiming to offer something exceptional without the upfront costs typically associated with yoga retreat venues.

A retreat at mana & Wak

Guidance by Toby

Included in all Partner Retreats is the support and talents of founder Toby Gillingham.


Toby is a seasoned practitioner with 17 years of experience in yoga, meditation, and martial arts.

He is more than happy to curate, guide, and teach, infusing your retreat with depth and authenticity and to provide you with all of the facilities Mana & Wak has to offer.

Alternatively, if you prefer to lead with your own content, Toby can step back, offering support wherever needed.

Our Network of Seekers

Leveraging Toby's extensive network, we can enrich your retreat with a diverse array of talents.


From yoga experts in various disciplines to sound bath specialists, artists, musicians, and holistic guides, we can introduce an additional layer of expertise and variety to your program, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for your attendees.

Looking for something unique? Don't hesitate to ask!

Our Facilities

Mana & Wak boasts a range of facilities designed to immerse and inspire, all are provided all-inclusive for all Partner Retreats:

  • Authentic Yurt: For intimate sessions and workshops

  • Natural Cold Water Swimming Pond: Perfect for invigorating dips

  • Sauna & Sleep Pods: For relaxation and restorative sleep

  • Extensive Outdoor Spaces: Including forested areas and running tracks, ideal for meditation, nature walks, and outdoor activities

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