Learn to defend yourself. Find your warrior mindset. Find your warriors movement.

Movement has been Weaponised for many thousands of years. In fact, it may be that which all other movement is based on. And so, it makes sense that the techniques of the warrior and martial artist are probably some of the best routes into a solid strength and mobilty building routine for any-body.

Weaponised movement is not about needless violence. Its about embodying self control and discipline. Its about efficiency and well structured movement. Its about integration of body and mind.

I have found that some of my best meditative work has been done during a combat situation. It is when all the senses are at their sharpest and when the mind is at it clearest.

It also never hurts to feel like you could protect yourself should the need ever arise.

At Mana & Wak we train mostly in unarmed combat practices which basically break down into two areas.

  • Grappling &

  • Striking

Grappling denotes any form of combat in which you do not hit one another (no punching or kicking) but often employs joint locks, choke holds, throws & sweeps and ground control using pressure on an opponent.

Striking arts use some of the same concepts but are normally limited to short sharp impact blows with fists, legs, knees and elbows.

At Mana & Wak we train mostly in the areas of Muay thai (thai boxing) and Western boxing as the focus of stand up striking and Brazillian Jiu-jitsu is our grappling focus.

If you would like to book a private or small group in either of these areas please get in touch.