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Vinyasa YOGA CLASSES In Hertfordshire

about our classes

Yoga is a tool for escaping the self and exploring the nature of reality.

Yoga is a
tool to unify, With everything. So the first step is to unify the body for how can we yolk with the fabric of reality if we can’t even get our head to talk to our feet.





A student asked me after an intermediate class:


“Do you still feel it… even the easy stuff?”


And the answer is yes, I do.


Because we always should.


I will always work my students to the edge of their capacity. My sequence allows for deep work to happen even while you are learning how to be in your body.


And so while the postures may not be the most advanced… we can still find a deep, physical, meditative practice that is designed to help you escape the mind, the self and find unity with a grander reality.




A student after an advance class asked me:


“Are you trying to kill us?”


I said “no, just trying to remind you that you’re going to die”


When we push ourselves to these limits we start to find ourselves trying to think of some reason to stop, to escape… but when we push through we reach a special place. A place of changed consciousness… and then we keep going


By the end of the practice we look back and say “where was I just now” and the answer is… somewhere else. That’s yoga.


Through an advanced version of the mana and wak system involving inversions, back bends and transitions we will truly explore our capacity and unified beings.

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our courses

open to all

Starting February 2024 with The Thinking Warrior Course.


A transformative 5-week program with 15 sessions, culminating in a full-day retreat.


We will offer practical exploration of combat and self-awareness, combined with philosophical insights from texts like the Bhagavad Gita.


his course, led by expert instructors, includes striking, stand-up techniques, movement, grappling, sauna sessions, meditation, and cold water swimming, aiming to deepen participants' understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Join us.

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