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Sound Journeys

Journey with sound. Heal with music

Music is medicine. Sound soothes. Frequency disrupts the every present monkey mind and forces the thought patterns to match the wave forms that engulf you whilst being bathed by sound. 

Sounds baths can induce altered states of consciousness, moving you from thought, through your emotional world and into free flowing mindlessness. 

It’s almost as if your mind waves are being met by counter or gentle destructive interference from the vibration and collapse into a comatose state...deactivated.. Washed. Then power up again, step by step.. Till fully awake with more energy, free of negative thoughts or doubt. 

Our sounds events go deep and are carefully designed to put you in the most receptive state possible. We start with some movement to free the body of physical tension and negative mind body strings. 

The physical session ends with breath and meditation.

You’ll then have a short break where you’ll quietly refresh yourself with tea, maybe some fruit before…

Re entering the space where we will have laid out your meditation bed ready for the sound session. 

There will be reflection time at the end in order to reintegrate yourself and slowly come back to this reality. 

Spread over 3 hours the whole thing will be like a dream, from lucid to vivid to disassociated. 

With only 12 spaces available per session you are sure to feel supported and adequately individual at the same time. 

Contact us to arrange a private event. 

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