Healing and ritual

Be free for an entire day. Learn something new about yourself

Mana and Was now offers retreat days. Both private and as part of a group. These days are fully immersive and give you time to soak up what you learn both internally and externally. 

They include a yoga class in the morning, a light morning meal, a movement session, A fully catered vegan lunch and guided meditation. The whole day will culminate in a ritual practice ending with a Gong meditation given by a sound therapy practitioner. 

The events and their order can be altered to personal needs and desires. 

Outside of session time you will have access to the ground and gardens on which to wonder and meditate. 

Days normally begin at 10:00 and end after nightfall. 

These days can be highly transformative and personal. They are offered to individuals or you may bring up to ten people. Alternatively, you can be added to a group session at your convenience. 

please get in contact if you would like to book a retreat to discuss needs and prices.