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Healing and ritual

Be free. Learn something new about yourself and the space you exist in. 

This isn’t a holiday where you happen to do a few yoga classes. 


This is a retreat in the slightly more traditional sense. For a few days you will “retreat” from the world to do spiritual work. We create community. We will work together through a variety of physical and meditative mediums In order to first, find a connection to the world around us without Judgment or personal involvement and then, we will drop into that space, through it… and into something deeper.

The whole retreat is designed around the our hub of activities, the Mana and Wak yurt. in it we live, eat, work and sleep. This helps foster the community aspect of the retreat, it allows us to support each other through this intense learning experience. 

If you feel you need a little more silence to digest the work, there are other rooms available on request for a slight premium. Or in the warmer months you are welcome to bring a tent or camper and camp on the land. 

All food will be provided. healthy, home made and totally vegan. 


This retreat is supported by two weekly classes. 


The Sunday workshop is based on the vinyasa and improvised flow movement


The Friday class is used to give the fundamentals of grappling as a means of meditation. 


Both of these skill sets are used heavily on the retreat. 


Participation in these classes is not mandatory by any means. It is however recommended that you try and make a few sessions before the retreat.

The aim of theses classes is not just simply to acquire the skill sets needed to be more prepared for the retreat itself but to create stronger community. Both classes will be frequented by guests to upcoming retreats and retreats from the past. 


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