Feel better in your own skin. know your body. know yourself. Feel free. Move well.

We cannot know ourselves unless we can move as our bodies are intended to. And when I say this I mean your body, my body... every ones own personal Body. That bag of skin and bones that you carry around with you for your entire life.


Some philosophies say that the body is merely an extension or representation of who you really are, of what dwells inside, and perhaps this is true. But if it is, then the body is the closest thing to the driver that lives behind our eyes and if that driver is to know its vehicle, feel at one and comfortable with it, then it needs to learn how to drive it properly. Only then can we feel truly well inside of our own skin.

I'm reffering in no way to "ability". Someone may be an amazing and highly trained ballet dancer and not know how they are supposed to move... they may feel no real connection to themselves and therefore feel a strange and inexplicable distance in their general life.  And then we may find someone that only has limited use of their body but has found connection to it in a very real and therapeutic way.

Every one has a mode, a natural gait and form of locomotion. It may be, and often is hidden behind a wall of ego protection, years of self doubt and even different types of trauma, both physical and mental. 

My Goal, through a series of moving meditations and other exercises is to help you connect to the mechanics of your body and therefore know yourself as perhaps you have not before.

This kind of work is normally best started one to one or in small groups with people that you trust. As you become more proficient, as you build your repertoire and vocabulary of personalised movement you will want to expand into a class setting. whether that be in a yoga, martial arts, performative or just movement setting. 

Contact me if you would like to start or expand on your journey as a physical being.