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Connect to something else. Something larger. Something ancient. Something powerful.

This is when it gets weird. This work is not for everyone, nor should it be. But if you give it a chance it may speak to you in a ways more profound than you can currently imagine. 

We will use this journey to help expand on the concept and vocabulary of self guided movement. But it will quickly move on and into realms of magic, ritual, power beyond ourselves and connection to mystical archetypes and totems.

people have been casting spells for thousands of years in order to reach out beyond themselves and delve into the binding energy of the universe. They have been connecting to elemental power, Angels, spirit and animal guides all in order to heal, gain energy and know some kind of truth.

I have been doing the same thing, but instead of using words to make magic we will use movement. What could be more primal? what could be more real? Words connect to an idea. Movement connects us to the physical universe of which we are inextricably part. Everything is physical. Even if it exists in a different dimension... its still physical and through the physical we will contact it.

Together we will come up with a version of the ritual that works for you. We will use abstractions of rituals from the kabbalah, from shamanic practice and other forms of spiritual journeying.

To get the best out this kind of work may take a good few sessions. There's often preliminary work to do before you can really delve. But once you do you will be changed forever.

Contact me to arrange your first session.