We are a yoga studio. We are a martial arts Dojo. We teach meditation and philosophy. We are a place to improve your fitness. We are a garden, a private park, a place for contemplation. We offer all this to our community. And if you're ready we want to offer it to you too.

It was always my dream to open as space that could act at my Shala, my temple on top of the mountain. A place that I could be free to explore and teach the values of Martial arts, movement and Yoga that I Value. Well there ain't no mountains on the outskirts of London but i think I did the next best thing.

We, a very select group of trainers and I, are here to guide you to become warriors of your own design.

We teach guided yoga and a mix of martial arts classes. We teach fitness, health and well being.

We offer a place for thought, conversation and learning.


Become a member of the Mana and Wak community and have access to these facilities as and when you need them.