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Full membership. Have a program of movement and meditation designed for you. Use of all our facilities at times that suit you.

Yoga, Martial arts and mysticism. to me all these things are connected. I don't use the term spiritual or warrior lightly. I am here to show the connection between all these things on a practical level. Meaning we will be spiritual. We will be warriors. these thing are not mutually exclusive. I don't mean this in a modern yogi "granola" way either. I find a lot of "yogis" using the term warrior now-a-days without even the slightest inclination to push themselves beyond what is even slightly uncomfortable. They veer away from any notion that may be at all inclined towards  "violence" or "fighting" well i'll tell you, in my experience if you want anything worth something you will have to fight for it in one way or another. Nothing is given freely. Nothing is owed. You must fight for what you believe in... so why not practice.

That is not to say that we indulge in needless violence, however learning to remain calm under the pressure that practical martial arts, yoga and physicality can offer you will show you the power you truly have in this realm. things gain a huge amount of perspective. And that fight could be holding a handstand, running a mile or indeed putting on the gloves and having a physical fight. Being a warrior is a mind set... but it is proved by action.

This is a core principal that is in all the work we do at Mana & Wak

Full package 200GBP/month. There are variations available. Contact us if you're interested and a package can be designed specifically for you.


I would like to introduce to you practices that have changed my life forever. They have grounded me and shown me that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought possible. 

Practicing and teaching yoga for the last 17 years and martial arts for the last 10 I have accumulated a fairly rare mix of skills that I would like to pass on. I have seen the connective tissue between all the physical and spiritual disciplines that I practice.

The yoga that we do at Mana & Wak is not recommended for beginners. Its an advanced sequence that pushes pretty hard into a physical and demanding practice that will require you to start thinking about going upside down and deep into postures that may not be availible to the novice.

Through a hard physical practice we can enter the realm of the mystic.


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