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& small private groups

Classes can and will be designed around you, your goals and your expectations.

Some people come for an hour of one on on vinyasa yoga tuition, Others for a hardcore work out on the pads. Some want to grapple and meditate, others still want to run and do weights. Most however allow a program to be designed and built that encompasses all of the discipline that we offer in the right proportions for you as an individual. 


This is how we will build your ritual. The power is in the coming and the doing of it.


I have been working on this ceremony for many years. Learning from different teachers and combining multiple practices. It has taken me a long time but it is now ready to be shared. Its powerful magic.

In this intense, one to one ceremony we will use movement and meditative techniques along with other shamanic devices to help find and free the movement that you have inside you. I call this your dance. everyone has one. their own was of moving. its often found by likening it to an animal or some other exterior force... but its inside you and its power is shocking. once you have found your movement it can release blockages physically, mentally and spiritually. 

its can be very freeing to reconnect to yourself as a physical being. its something that lots of us have forgotten how to do.


I believe that the language of physicality is a sacred one and the more you learn to use this type of communication the freer you will feel while negotiating this world.

Whether you believe in something deeply mystic, or if you just want to find a guided deep relaxation I guarantee this ceremony will have you feeling a freedom that you haven't felt in a long time. If ever in your adult life.

The practice takes about an hour and can be practiced at anytime, though it is normally performed at dusk.


Contact me for more information

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