All levels

Marital arts with a difference. Muay Thai based striking. we are here to work hard and work together. This is a non competitive environment where we are learning for ourselves, not for competition. These sessions will incoporate everything you would find in your gym/martial arts studio but with a traditional "dojo" feel. We will hit pads, work strength & fitness and get some sparring in. But we will also incorporate Breath-work and meditation into each session. We will work with spiritual goals a little higher on the agenda. We will encourage those that feel timid and nervous. We will avoid injury so that we may "live to fight another day".


Intermediate to advanced

A guided class for open minded and forward thinking martial arts practitioners. a workshop setting where as a group or in pairs you can drill spar or flow in a productive and eager environment. Think of this class as a cross disipline open-mat. Grappling, stand up and everything inbetween.