An advanced vinyasa flow

This class will traverse the numerous sun salutations, inversions, back-bends and twists that I have put together as the Mana & Wak Sequence. If you're a well practiced physical yogi the series will feel familiar but unlike most vinyasa classes you will have attended in the past.

We begin the practice slowly and build pace throughout before headed into a well deserved meditation.

There is always an option for the more begginer yogi and a lot of what we do is more about stamina than fancy postures... but we do get to the fancy stuff.

This Mana & Wak sequence is certainly on the more advanced side of the spectrum.


All levels with an upward thrust.

This class builds on the Mana & Wak system. It provides a solid foundation for the more begginner students amongst you but it will also provide the more advanced variations of certain postures. So without pressure, and when you feel  you're ready you can begin to take deeper back bends, inversions, balances and generally just go deeper into your practice


Advanced practice

In this class we will warm up together and then workshop all things on our hands and forearms. We will also look at all the weird and wonderful transition in and out of these balancing postures. Once we've exhausted our arm and shoulders we will slide gracefully into working on all things flexability. This is an open format class. We help, suggest things to, and inspire eachother through a very fun two hours


All levels

Marital arts with a difference. Muay Thai based striking. we are here to work hard and work together. This is a non competitive environment where we are learning for ourselves, not for competition. These sessions will incoporate everything you would find in your gym/martial arts studio but with a traditional "dojo" feel. We will hit pads, work strength & fitness and get some sparring in. But we will also incorporate Breath-work and meditation into each session. We will work with spiritual goals a little higher on the agenda. We will encourage those that feel timid and nervous. We will avoid injury so that we may "live to fight another day".


Intermediate to advanced

A guided class for open minded and forward thinking martial arts practitioners. a workshop setting where as a group or in pairs you can drill spar or flow in a productive and eager environment. Think of this class as a cross disipline open-mat. Grappling, stand up and everything inbetween.


Invitation only. Let me know if you want to come train. Or ill ask if you're interested


Join in on one of our bi weekly scheduled runs around our private grass track. choose to do a 1mile, 5k or 10k.