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A journey into the physical

I was always active. I think even as a child I knew the importance of movement and freedom within your body and mind. 

After a few awkward and chubby teenage years I was introduced to yoga and instantly knew that I had found a source of great power. I have trained seriously as a physically practicing yogi for the last 18 years and intend never to stop. And luckily, if you practice regularly, you never have to. My own teacher, who has always been one of my heroes, is now in his late 60's. In fact, lots of my yogic icons practiced well into old age.

Hand in hand with a yoga practice comes a meditative one. So as my physical practice progressed I found that so must my meditation. I have since practiced many forms of meditation and have also discovered ways of incorporating my physical practices into the head space of a meditation. 

Outside of yoga I found martial arts and acrobatics when I was about 19. My first serious martial practice was the Brazilian art Capoeira, a beautiful blend of fluid movements, acrobatics and combat. Next came Muay Thai, the most practical of all the striking martial arts I have encountered. It's ancient, simple and highly effective. The logical next step after learning to fight on your feet is learning what to do when you hit the ground. Life has a way of presenting what you need as you need it and just as the thoughts of learning to grapple come into my head I was introduced to a man that would become my Jiu-jitsu mentor and a great friend. In Jiu-jitsu I discovered an art that encompassed everything that I love: beautiful and graceful movements, conceptual and technical learning, great and varied types of sparring and a powerful martial-art.

With all of these practices, even yoga, one can veer off towards the competitive, and though competitions have been a mild interest to me I have found myself slipping toward the mystic side of these art forms. That is where I am now... and that is where I would like you to join me. Working hard, sweating, becoming a warrior... but always with a smile, never with a scowl. 

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